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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

It’s the end of the year, and I hope 2021 has been as good for you as it can have been, given all the strangeness and adaptations we’ve had to make. I hope you and your families have stayed healthy and have some fun planned for the holidays (socially-distanced if you can’t meet up). We’re…

Project Management Rebels is now open! (We do mentoring differently)

Have you ever thought about where your career is going as a project manager, or why some people seem to be on the fast-track while others struggle to advance their careers? Getting on in project management can feel difficult, especially when you realise that the training course you did hasn’t given the answers for managing…

Thank You!

The UK doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful to those people who have helped me improve my blog this year. Here’s a short video of thanks and a shout out to a few special people who have made a big difference to my blog and my company in 2015. And thanks to you, for reading!