Project Management Software Reviews

There are a lot of project management software tools to choose from! I’ve always found it helpful to speak to an expert because there are too many options to choose from — and who’s got time for that much industry research?

Get help finding the right tool for your team

To help you find the right project management software for your business, I’ve teamed up with the team at software comparison portal Crozdesk to save you time researching tools.

They are different from other comparison tools as they call you back and you talk to a real (expert) human who understands what you are looking for and knows the market inside out.

You’ll get a custom product shortlist via phone or email, with no obligation on you. Oh, and it’s free. You’ll get a report at the end comparing the best fit products for your needs, and they’ll look at over 360 tools for you.

The form takes a couple of minutes – why not give it a go and take the stress out of finding the perfect project management tool?

Software Reviews

Here is a collection of recent project management software reviews.

  • Preceden Timeline Maker Review
    Software: Preceden Pricing: Free for 1 public timeline/1 user, then there is a Personal and a Business Plan Supplier: Preceden LLC Languages: The interface is in English, but you could enter event information and labels in your own language Summary: Preceden is an online time maker that creates roadmaps and visual timelines quickly. It’s a…
  • Software Review: Paymo [2022]
    Find out more about project management and time tracking app Paymo. Perfectly designed for small businesses and client-facing organisations, it could be the management software for you.
  • Otter Review (2022)
    Learn how you can check meeting notes off your list in my Otter review that breaks down all of the features and how to best use it.
  • Xebrio Software Review
    Do you find managing requirements a headache because you can’t trace them through a project to release? Check out what Xebrio can do in our independent review.
  • What we want from project management tools in 2022
    This is my wishlist for project management tools in 2020. Find out what they are and hopefully what we can look forward to in project management software.
  • How To Manage Multiple Projects At The Same Time
    Copy what I do to manage your tasks, resources and time across several projects at once! This article shares loads of tips for staying on top of lots of different projects at once.
  • SmartSuite Review [2022]
    SmartSuite brings together enterprise level processes and tasks with what you need to do day-to-day. It’s a work management tool designed for today’s virtual workforce, with automations and an simple-to-use interface that makes doing your job easier. If you are currently using spreadsheets, MS Planner, or trying to bodge together several systems, then SmartSuite might…