Project Management Software Reviews

There are a lot of project management software tools to choose from! I’ve always found it helpful to speak to an expert because there are too many options to choose from — and who’s got time for that much industry research?

Get help finding the right tool for your team

To help you find the right project management software for your business, I’ve teamed up with the team at software comparison portal Crozdesk to save you time researching tools.

They are different from other comparison tools as they call you back and you talk to a real (expert) human who understands what you are looking for and knows the market inside out.

You’ll get a custom product shortlist via phone or email, with no obligation on you. Oh, and it’s free. You’ll get a report at the end comparing the best fit products for your needs, and they’ll look at over 360 tools for you.

The form takes a couple of minutes – why not give it a go and take the stress out of finding the perfect project management tool?

Software Reviews

Here is a collection of recent project management software reviews.

  • Software Review [2022]
    What if you could reduce your meeting time, avoid spending hours putting together reports or typing up minutes, and truly work smarter? What if creating a pack of status reports went from 5 days of effort to 10 seconds? (Yes, that’s what happened to one of Fluid’s real customers.) Fluid is award-winning PPM software that…
  • Twproject Review [2022]
    Are you looking for an all-in-one platform to manage projects, To Do lists, timesheets, costs, and documents? Twproject (say: T W Project) could be the perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why. General Information Name: Twproject Vendor: Twproject, srl Hosting options: Install on your own server or use a dedicated server on Amazon…
  • Software review: Apollo [2022]
    Check out my software review of ApolloHQ and what I thought of this project management tool.
  • The 5-Step Expert Guide To Choosing Project Management Software
    Maxime Villeger stops by to share this handy guide for all project managers on choosing collaboration tools. Follow this step by step guide on your next project.
  • Office Timeline Pro+ Review [2022]
    In this Office Timeline Pro+ review, I’ll share the pros and cons that I found from using this tool. It is a simple way of creating timelines for your project from inside PowerPoint or your browser.
  • Struggling to implement PM software? You’re not alone
    A survey has revealed that despite the proven benefits project management software brings to businesses, more than half of employees opposed their managers’ suggestion to implement PM software.
  • Sciforma Review [2022]
    Are you looking for a robust, scalable PPM solution that can manage the whole project life cycle and show you what’s being worked on at any one time? In this review of Sciforma, I’ll share the pros and cons of this enterprise-centric project and portfolio management tool. Summary Product: Sciforma Pricing: Licenced per user, per…