Review guidelines

How we review products

Your career is important to us, so we take reviews seriously. These guidelines help ensure you can be confident you are reading professional opinions.

In order to review software, we will have a good play around with the tool, checking out various use cases that a project manager would need to carry out, such as setting up a project, assigning resources and building a schedule. We look at quality of online help materials, ease of use, ease of onboarding, accessibility features, cost and more to give a rounded view.

For book reviews, we understand that people are at different points in their career, so we take the intended audience into account when providing feedback. We review a book looking at readability, the quality of the content, thought leadership and the credentials of the authoring team, as well as how much we learned and enjoyed the read.

For training reviews, we take into account the factors that project professionals would be most interested in, including cost, duration, ease of access, and how valuable the course is in terms of career progression and advancement. The most important aspect of a project management training review is the quality of content, so we endeavor to make clear what you can actually expect if you sign up to a course, using our own experience of the learning materials where possible.

We only recommend products from reputable companies. Where a product carries a significant price tag, we thoroughly review to ensure it’s worth the claims and you are likely to achieve the expected results if you use it.

What you can expect

You can expect impartial feedback from professionals working as project managers.

  • We keep industry guidelines and best practices in mind when reviewing products.
  • We are actively involved in the project management community, speaking to and messaging many project managers each week, so we can keep up-to-date with industry trends, challenges and what users find important.
  • We speak to industry experts, professional body leaders and thought leaders to understand relevant issues and developments

What we don’t do

  • Unmarked sponsorships: we will always disclose if content is sponsored.
  • Publish press releases or copy content from a company’s website: we will always provide value-added content.
  • Subscribe to the waterfall/agile dichotomy: we believe that delivering something valuable is important, and there are many varied and practical ways to get there.