Free Project Management Webinars

Scroll down to watch these free project management webinars presented by Elizabeth Harrin. For more in-depth training and additional webinars, join us in the Project Management Rebels community, where there are loads of curated video classes and deep dives to discover!

You can claim free PDUs for watching these webinars. Please self-declare your learning and note down your key takeaways as evidence, using the most relevant section of the Talent Triangle to record your learning in PMI’s CCMS system.

Tips for Managing Multiple Projects

This webinar looks at how to keep all the balls in the air while managing multiple projects. Learn 5 tips for getting it all done from Elizabeth’s book, Managing Multiple Projects.

Stakeholder engagification: how to get people to take action on projects.

This webinar looks at how merging engagement and gamification creates engagification, a methodology to help people take action on projects. Learn how to get more commitment and action from your stakeholders (no leaderboards or points required!)

What it Takes to be a Successful Project Manager

In this webinar we look at how to succeed personally as a project manager, how to succeed in a team and in your organization. Based on Elizabeth Harrin’s book in the BCS Career Guide series, Project Manager.

Reframing Work: Strategies for Managing All the Things

In this webinar, Elizabeth Harrin shares practical strategies for managing your To Do list, and creative approaches for prioritizing work. Watch this one if you’ve got too much to do and your To Do list never ends!

More How To Guides

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    Creating a plan on a page? This is the ultimate guide to what to include in your project timeline (and what to leave out). Click to read more!
  • How to create a project budget
    In this article we’ll look at how to segment costs, how to find out the cost of things, and then how to structure your project budget.
  • 4 Easy tips for effective virtual meetings
    Virtual meetings are a fact of life. These 4 easy tips take only moments to put into practice but will hugely improve the quality of your conference calls and web conferences. Try them out and see what an impact they make on your team, both in terms of boosting the energy in the meeting and in the outcomes from the discussion.
  • 12 Ways to Manage Project Quality Without Drama
    Learn how to manage project quality (without the drama!) with these 12 simple tips.
  • 5 Ways to Improve Communication
    Collaboration is a key to successful projects. Read on for tips on how to improve communication with your team