Introducing my projects


I think it’s about time I explained a little more about the projects I’ve got on the go at the moment. My role is about two-thirds projects and a third operational management. It’s the first time I’ve had an operational job and it’s great. I think what I like about that part of my day is that I can actually make something happen quickly and see immediate results. Projects take so long to get off the ground, and even when they do by their nature they take while to deliver anything, however small. (It could be worse. I was eating in the cantine with a colleague who’s role is corporate governance and strategy advisor. He told me that he never makes anything original as he reviews information and passes judgement.)

The two projects I have at the moment are:

Directory: making our global Active Directory more 21st century.
eMeeting: running proof of concept study for an on-line meeting package

I thought the directory project would have delivered something by the end of last year, but unfortunately resources and priorities meant it wasn’t so. We still don’t know exactly what we should be doing, so I’m arranging some consultancy to help out. The eMeeting project is a bit of nightmare. Our licences are due to expire at the end of the month and at the moment we don’t have replacement ones, but people are booking to use the software in March. Hopefully I’ll be able to sort that out next week: if not I shall have some very unhappy users.

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