Inside PMI’s New Media Council

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Several people have asked me what goes on at the PMI New Media Council meetings. The NMC was launched in 2008 and is a group of bloggers, podcasters and other online folk whom PMI describe as ‘influential voices’.

We have come together to act as an advisory and sounding board for PMI. We’re not paid by PMI (although they did kindly fund my trip to Congress) and we don’t have to advocate for them. We had a meeting yesterday so I thought I would share with you what we discussed.

First, we had a new member join so Andrew told us a bit about his background and the work he is doing with Wrike.

Etienne Wenger, a hugely influential chap in the world of communities of practice, stopped by at PMI HQ recently. He was giving them some advice about getting the best out of their CoP initiative, and recorded an interview with PMI’s Brantlee Underhill, which you can watch on YouTube.

We also did a round-the-table update of what each of the NMC members is up to. There is lots of great stuff happening:

  • Cornelius and Josh have started a new short podcast called Not the Status Report. Do you recognize who does the introduction?
  • Andrew is gearing up to announce the winner of his 33 blogs competition – the results will be available in the next week or so.
  • Chalyce has been delving into the complexities of knowledge management.
  • Bas and Josh have started a podcast called What’s Up in Project Management, and Bas has also launched a new vodcast – Project Potion – with Dave Prior. Dave’s presentation on PM mashups at Congress in October was one of my favourites.
  • Jerry has being podcasting and is working hard at the Creating We Institute. He also has a book in the works with the most fabulous title – it is still under wraps but I look forward to buying a copy.
  • Josh has launched his WBS Coach training (and I am pleased to be amongst the first affiliates).

Aren’t we a collaborative bunch? One of the best things about being part of this group is talking to people who have the same work challenges as me: balancing a day job with an interest in social media and a busy blogging schedule. On the call this month there was a bit of competition about who worked the most hours all in. I think Andrew won, although that is probably not a good thing…

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