Lessons Learned Agenda Template

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This month’s freebie is a template for a lessons learned meeting agenda.

What’s This Template For?

A lessons learned meeting is where you review what went well and what didn’t go well on a project.

This template is to help you structure your time in that meeting, so you have the opportunity to talk about the successes and not-so-good parts of what you did.

The agenda template is specifically focused on the topics you should discuss during a lessons learned meeting. I’m a big fan of holding lessons learned meetings after a project and also as you go through a project. Learn what you can, when you can.

Lessons learned meetings (which you will also hear called post-implementation reviews or project post-mortems) are a bit different to other meetings. You’ll need a bespoke agenda for your meeting: the normal agenda that you use when you run a project team meeting won’t be enough.

That’s why I created this free template. It is already pre-populated with the topics you’ll want to talk about during your lessons learned session.

However, you can edit the template as it is a Microsoft Word file, and add in any other agenda topics that you want. So if you aren’t holding a lessons learned meeting but still need an agenda, you can edit this to fit.

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How do I access the lessons learned meeting agenda template?

The template is included in my resource library of project management templates. This is a collection of documents for you to use at work for managing your projects.

The files in the resource library are designed for small and medium-sized projects and are quite basic but a good starting point for many of your project management needs. I have a wider selection of professional document templates for project managers in my template shop.

And finally: this template is free for you to use in your work but don’t sell it. That’s the only catch!

When would I use the template?

Don’t wait until the end of the project to start capturing lessons learned! You can ask the team for lessons (and act on them) at any point in the project.

It makes sense to schedule lessons capture at regular points, for example at the end of a phase or sprint, or simply every 6 weeks or so.

There’s a video below of a conversation on lessons learned that will help you understand a bit more about how to put this into practice.

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