3 Critical Skills for Managing Multiple Projects...
...and still leave the office on time!

Let me share the secrets of how to juggle your tasks without feeling overwhelmed.
You'll learn 3 of the core skills for managing multiple projects and get practical tips for using them at work.

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    Elizabeth Harrin, FAPM

    Author, mentor, ProjectManagementRebels.com

    This is for you if:

    • You're looking for better ways to manage your workload (spoiler: there are better ways!)
    • You feel like burnout is just around the corner… and you know it won’t be long before you get asked to lead something else.
    • You wish you knew what to do to take control off All. The. Things.

    What will you learn?

    • How to keep every project moving forward (even the low priority ones)
    • My favourite method for managing my time across multiple projects
    • The smartest way to sequence your projects
    • The one thing that's killing your comms and what to do about it