Bugilo [Software Overview 2015]

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Forget about using lots of different tools to manage your projects and business. Bugilo, a cloud-based project management solution, combines the functionality of various software applications, and makes it possible to carry out all your management activities from a single place.

It’s aimed at micro and small businesses that provide services to external companies.

What is Bugilo?

Bugilo is an application which lets you manage and monitor project progress in real time. The app, unlike many other tools available on the market, enables comprehensive management of a whole project , starting with project appraisal and ending with invoicing customers.

You can manage projects, record hours worked and assign costs to projects. It also monitors all dependencies within a project (which I haven’t seen in many systems) and presents them both visually in graphs and in terms of statistics.

Project management tools

You can create tasks, assigning resources to them and estimating the time needed to implement the whole project. The main project management screens are in the form of a Kanban board, which is helpful if you think visually and are working in an Agile environment. Even if you don’t use Agile, the switch to Kanban thinking is actually easier than you first expect. Tasks can be moved with drag-and-drop.

There is reporting, and it’s worth mentioning the reports around endangered or delayed projects, as they can help you spot projects in trouble quickly. You can save time and effort by identifying those and working out whether you should close or recover them. It also generates periodic reports for standard project reporting.

Time recording

If you don’t record time spent on projects then you should, especially in small businesses where you provide services to clients, such as project managment consultancy. Your team can log the time they spent working on a given project or task. In turn, that makes it possible for you to analyse the efficiency of their work, spot bottlenecks and step in quickly to keep your projects on track.

Budgeting and invoicing

You can manage project costs from within Bugilo as well. The application generates statistics (displayed as numbers or graphs, for those less interested in reading columns of figures), enabling a business owner or project manager to evaluate the profitability of current projects as well as other things.

Bugilo enables users to issue invoices for completed projects, and you can track project costs as you go. You can see your invoices from the revenue database, which is handy when someone calls and asks for a duplicate, or you need to chase payment.

The team behind Bugilo

The authors of the application are Wojciech Radomski, Pawel Elbanowski and Marcin Szajek – graduates of the Information Technology Faculty of the Pozna University of Technology in Poland and founders of several thriving IT companies.

The core of the team is not a collection of random people (the best ones never are), but a group of friends who came together with a common interest in searching solutions to people’s everyday problems.

During their professional career they have managed to win various awards and distinctions for the projects they implemented. For example, in 2014 they reached the finals of the “Polacy z werw” (which translates to something like “Poles with Verve”: upcoming Poles who have the ability to change the country) contest in the business innovations category.

Find out more on the software’s website and take a free trial: http://bugilo.com/

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