6 reasons to get certified in project management

This is an article by Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn Solutions.

Krishna Kumar CEO of Simplilearn Solutions
Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn Solutions

Have you ever wondered why, after spending roughly 15 to 17 years of our life in the process of completing your formal education, most of us follow the same routine of job hunting, rejection, and sometimes, selection in this fiercely competitive, dog-eat-dog world?

So what is this all about? Is landing a job the be-all and end-all of all goals? This is where most of us need to understand the importance of a career, and a lucrative one at that. This is synonymous with learning and a constant process of upgrading one’s skills.

Gone are the days when the most senior people or seasoned technicians were designated as project managers. In today’s world, where success and only success counts, organizations are re-thinking this strategy.

Most organizations are looking to building systematic project management practices. This has given rise to a huge demand for certified project management professionals who have substantial experience in project management and sound knowledge, with a role different than that of a business analyst.

As CEO of Simplilearn Solutions, the first question that I mostly encounter is… is getting PMP certified worth it? Going through the process of taking the dreaded Project Management Professional® (PMP) examination is costly and complicated, and requires a great deal of preparation. Is it worth jumping through these hoops to attain PMP certification?

I spoke to a number of professionals and PMP aspirants to hear what they had to say. Below are their six reasons why project management certification is in high demand in comparison to other professional certification courses.

1. PMP certification gives more weight to your resume

More and more organizations are making PMP a prerequisite for project manager recruitment. Having the credential and skills will certainly make it easier to find a job as a project or program manager.

“The PMP certification has given me a boost to my resume as well as my confidence. I have seen the change of attitude of recruiters since the time I have attained the certification.”
Andreas Arief B. , IT Lead & System Analyst in 1View Program Management PT. Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk Banten Province, Indonesia

Certification certainly does seem to be a deciding factor in hiring, especially with so many organizations needing to find project managers. It’s an easy way to determine who can definitely do the job and who may need more support. However, it’s not the only factor hiring managers take into account.

Kaye Fletcher
Kaye Fletcher

2. Clients demand it

Increasingly, clients of most of the big companies generally like and demand that their projects are managed by PMP professionals. In such a situation a PMP certification gives you the leverage and chance to be the one to handle prestigious clients.

“I have been working as a project manager and handling projects but clients lookout for a PMP certified project manager to handle their projects. And after I got the certification I have felt and seen the change.
Kaye Fletcher, Construction Professional, Sydney Area, Australia

If you work in government projects or any kind of project that requires Earned Value Management, then they may well be looking for certification as that’s a specific skill.

3. PMP project managers get paid well in comparison to non-PMP project managers

Project Management Professional certification is one of the most sought-after because of the fact that PMP certified managers are highly paid. According to the 2020 PMI Salary Survey, PMP-certified project managers across 42 countries reported being paid 22% higher than non-PMP-certified project managers.

PMP certification has definitely added value to my career and more specifically in terms of money. I have got a growth as well as a hike since the time I got PMP certified.
Naeem Ahmed, PMP, CSCM, ITILV3F, Solution Architecture Manager – Supply Chain Consultant, Saudi Arabia

The salary boost is certainly a nice factor! You might not get it in your current company, but if you move jobs and find yourself in a different organization, the salary bump from changing employer will be very welcome.

4. It gives better networking opportunities

According to PMI.org (accessed Sept 2021), there are over 600,000 PMI members across the globe – and this number is growing. PMI often organizes meetings in most of the metropolitan centers. These meetings also earn PMPs valuable Professional Development Units (PDUs) that are needed to renew their certification every three years.

They can also be a means of providing you with fresh career opportunities as they often have time slots allotted for people to stand up and share any job opportunities that are available at their organizations.

PMP certification has given me the access to huge group of people. I have met and got a chance to know so many people through the PMI platform.
Prasanna Kumbashi Gopalkrishna, Test Lead, First Advantage Offshore Services Private Limited, India

A man wearing glasses
Rajan Kommu

5. It improves the way you manage projects

If a person has spent time and money acquiring a certification, it shows that they have put in effort and are committed to project management as a profession. Moreover, the PMP certification is not just attained by studying theory; it definitely gives you an edge and improves your relevant skills in project management.

“I have handled projects even before I got PMP certified, but my knowledge and way of handling projects has changed and definitely improved after understanding the PMP certification course.”
Rajan Kommu, Project Co-ordinator, Global Shared Services, India

You know you can lead projects, but the knowledge and discipline picked up from going through the certification will give you that little bit extra confidence. Even if you have been managing projects for a long time it definitely helps to get a refresher!

6. It helps you to be more in-line with the industry

The PMP credential constantly gives you the push to stay up-to-date with the industry standards. As I hear mentioned over and over again, this certification helps you to be a leader.

“Being PMP certified I feel the difference; I feel more confident as I see myself more in line with the industry requirements and needs.”
Shreenath Sreenivas, Project Manager at Thomson Reuters.

At Simplilearn.com, PMP is the most sought-after course. Most people who take professional certifications with us are going in for PMP and the reasons above help explain why this remains the hot favorite among professionals. So I guess it’s time to pull up your socks and get the certification done…

About the author: Krishna Kumar, an engineer by education, has experience of serving the IT industry for 13 years. He had completed his engineering from NIT, Surathkal, and was working with Infosys, to start his career. But soon he realized his skill set lay in entrepreneurship. Currently, he is the CEO of Simplilearn Solutions and displays his expertise in e-commerce through their innovative online learning portal, which was started with the aim to help professionals around the world in achieving their world-recognized professional certifications.

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