2022 PM PrepCast PMP Training and Exam Simulator Review + Discount Coupon Code

[ad] I was given a copy of the Project Management PrepCast to review.

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The PM PrepCast PMP self-directed study course is currently available as a standalone option, and has been fully updated for the latest PMP exam. They also have a brilliant PMP Exam Simulator.
The PM PrepCast

This self-directed PMP Exam course is highly rated. It can be accessed on your computer, smartphone or tablet. It has been completely updated for the current PMP Exam.

We're pleased to be affiliates for The Project Management PrepCast #ad

This article is an honest PM PrepCast review and gives you the lowdown on one of the top courses I recommend for PMP prep. Let’s get you started and on the way to certification with the PrepCast!

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It can be insanely difficult to find time to study, especially when you are working. That’s why I love the Project Management PrepCast as an exam prep tool for both PMP prep and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, because the learning comes in bite-sized chunks. I’ve been doing the PMP prep course myself, albeit incredibly slowly!

I’m a Fellow of the Association for Project Management in the UK and hold several other certifications relevant to project management in the UK, so I’ve never really felt a need to get PMP certification as well. But 2022 might be the year to do it!

So, what’s this course I’m doing and recommending to you?

What is the Project Management PrepCast?

The Project Management PrepCast is an incredibly popular, formal, online 35-hour training course from Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM. His company is an experienced training provider, so you know the course has been vetted and is top quality.

The course meets the PMI requirements for formal project management education and provides you with a certificate for evidence in case your PMP application is audited.

The online course is delivered via video and audio, through an online course platform. You login, and everything is there for you inside one website.

Having the certificate is a must if you want to apply for the PMP® exam and either don’t have any prior project management education or can’t be bothered to dig out all those certificates from years ago to evidence your education.

When you login for the first time, this is what you see:

PM Prepcast homepage
The PM PrepCast homepage. The website guides you through exactly what to do and what to study in what order.
The PM PrepCast

This self-directed PMP Exam course is highly rated. It can be accessed on your computer, smartphone or tablet. It has been completely updated for the current PMP Exam.

We're pleased to be affiliates for The Project Management PrepCast #ad

What the course is like

Here’s an image from my iPad of what you get when you login to the PM PrepCast online training materials. You can use the contents list and mark items as complete. For me, that list acts as my study plan. The live classroom training element of their course package uses Zoom for the interactive sessions.

Project Management PrepCast topics list
This is part of the contents of the Project Management PrepCast – a screenshot from my iPad of the topics. The course goes on, it just wouldn’t fit on the screen. At the point I took this image, I hadn’t completed much of the course.

Who is the Project Management PrepCast for?

The PrepCast team offer a full exam prep course for PMP® aspirants, compliant with the ever-more-strict PMI guidelines.

If you want to prepare for and take the PMP® exam, this is the course for you.

If you are preparing for the CAPM, get the CAPM PrepCast instead as it is better tailored to your syllabus and exam content outline.
Taking the PMI-ACP exam? Get this course instead.

PM PrepCast Exam Simulator Review

I recommend you get an exam simulator. It is so hard to pass a 4 hour exam with no exam practice. Even if you know all the topics inside out, you need to have exam skills to get you through the hours in the exam room.

The last time I did an exam it was an essay paper. Test taking online is a different skill set. You need to be able to navigate through the questions, confidently skipping the questions you don’t know and then going back to them at the end when you have more time.

The PM PrepCast offers a 5-star rated PMP Exam Simulator that has been fully updated for the 2022 changes to the exam.

And don’t worry if you think it is going to take you a while to get round to using the exam simulator. Your 90-day access to the test exams only starts when you start your first exam, so you can study, and then test yourself when you are ready.

I have used the exam simulator too, and I think it’s very realistic. It includes the new exam question formats including drag and drop, multiple choice, multiple select, hotspot questions that ask you to interpret charts and graphs and the statistics that help you track your progress are GENIUS. So much time saved by helping you identify and topics where you need to spend more time.

Order now
The PM PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator

Practice on over 2,280 questions that have been prepared by experienced project managers in a realistic exam environment. Fully updated for the current PMP exam and includes questions from the PMBOK Guide 7.

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I found the course easy to use and very comprehensive.

The course content has been designed by PMP® certificate holders. The material is clear and easy to understand, presented in a logical order.

I liked that I can do it in my own time, without the effort of going to the classroom. With my job, there is no way that I could take a week out for study, which is effectively what you’d have to do (at least) to get through all the material in a classroom setting.

It’s reasonably priced.

The customer service is amazing and the team is really helpful.

And… I probably shouldn’t judge a course on this but…Cornelius’s voice is lovely! And I enjoyed his gentle sense of humour too.


Some of the videos are quite long. I am more used to studying with videos that are more like 10-15 minutes. That says more about my attention span than the course material, and you can obviously pause the videos and go back later to watch the second half.

Many of the lessons are split up into multiple videos, but they are more like 20-30 minutes long. That’s still short enough to fit one into a commute or lunch break.

You have to remember to do the work. Having access to a classroom tutor helps while you’re in that part of the course, but with any online training materials, it’s your responsibility to login and study.

I think the design of some of the slides for the webinars is old-fashioned.

Here’s an example slide so you can see what I mean.

PM Prepcast example slide
A slide from the Benefits Realisation Management module in the Project Management PrepCast.

I mean, it’s OK, but it doesn’t look modern to me. So – know you are getting the course for the content, not the style! Wouldn’t you rather the price was low instead of funding a fancy design team?

Claiming PDUs

If you are not yet a PMP, you do not need to claim PDUs (Professional Development Units – PMI’s scheme for continuing professional development).

However, if you want to brush up your skills, for example, refresh your knowledge against the latest version of the PMBOK® Guide then you can claim PDUs if you take the PM PrepCast. It could be a fast, interesting and relatively cheap way to gain all your PDUs for one recertification cycle in one go.

There are better options though for earning PDUs and I have a couple of articles about that, like this one on how to earn PDUs fast, and this one on getting those hard-to-earn leadership PDUs.

Refund Policy

I know buying a course is a big deal, even one as reasonably priced as this. The Project Management PrepCast comes with an iron-clad refund policy. If it isn’t for you, you can ask for a full refund at any point in the first 90 days. No questions asked.

That makes it a safe bet!

PM PrepCast coupon

There is an amazing deal at the moment for people who are committed to taking their exams. And when I can get discounts on useful stuff I pass them on to you!

Summary & Recommendation

If you’re on the fence, there are three options as I see it:

  1. You carry on as you are, looking for a way to finally get your CAPM or PMP
  2. You buy the Prepcast training package, you don’t like and you’ll get a refund (full 90 day refund, no questions asked)
  3. You buy the Prepcast training package, do the course and (hopefully) pass the exam (of course you will, be positive!).

I recommend this course, if you are prepared to be self-motivated and do the work.

If you need someone else to hold you accountable, or you are too busy to find time to schedule your study, then this course isn’t going to work out for you.

Check out the course now!

What are you going to do with your next few months? I’ll be squeezing in some study time! I hope this PM PrepCast review has been helpful to you, and you know now what steps to take next in your PMP exam studies.

The PM PrepCast

This self-directed PMP Exam course is highly rated. It can be accessed on your computer, smartphone or tablet. It has been completely updated for the current PMP Exam.

We're pleased to be affiliates for The Project Management PrepCast #ad

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