How to Manage a Construction Project

Construction project management has similarities to managing projects in other industries: ultimately, you’re aiming to get something delivered on time, on budget and to the required scope with an acceptable degree of quality.

The role of a construction project manager is to make that happen.

The infographic below shares some common problems with construction projects and what you can do to stop them being an issue for you.

Surviving A Commercial Construction Project from Pempek

There are dozens of construction project management courses, if this is an area that peaks your interest. My suggestion is to go for a higher education course (i.e. a degree) in construction (or engineering etc) with a specialism in project management. Then you’ll get the rounded industry background along with the specialist project management skills you’ll need to succeed in the real world.

You may also make connections through your course that are helpful for getting a job in the industry, more so than if you did a generic project management course or degree.