Five things I want to do before I’m 35 (revisited)

Back in 2009 I wrote a post about career and personal goals, and what I wanted to achieve before I was 35. I made a list of 5 things. They were:

  • See polar bears in the natural habitat
  • Knit myself a jumper that I’ll actually wear
  • Read Herodotus’ The Histories (which has sat unopened on the shelf since 1998)
  • Organise my photos
  • Write another book (which may or may not be about project management)

I turned 35 last week, so this is the moment to see whether or not I achieved those goals.

I have written another book, which was project management-related.

I have organised my photos.

I have not even taken Herodotus off the shelf and I certainly haven’t knitted anything. In fact, I have given up knitting and moved to crochet instead. I am a lot better at it now than I was when I made my first ever scarf, but I haven’t committed to a project as big as a jumper.

I’m not sorry that I’m not wearing handmade clothes or lugging around a 700-page doorstop of a book. I am a teeny bit sorry that I haven’t made it to see those polar bears but I have been to some other lovely places.

I haven’t updated my list, even though I have knocked some items off it. At the time I wrote:

It’s not a project plan, it’s not even a project. It’s life, and that’s far more interesting than any fixed list of tasks.

I still believe that is true, and that’s why I don’t feel the need right now to add more items on. I feel that I’m meeting my personal goals, and I’m certainly meeting my professional goals.

There is still more to life than checking off tasks on a list and as I’m now on the journey to 36 and beyond I’ll just see what else comes my way.