A shopping guide for a project management Christmas

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It is never too early to plan out your Christmas shopping. It can be difficult to figure out just what to get all of the project managers and team members in your life.

That is why I have put together this handy list of gift suggestions that will work for just about anyone and at a number of price points to fit your budget. Or they are perfect for putting on your wish list (or go ahead and treat yourself, we won’t tell!).

Food and Drink

Who doesn’t love some holiday treats? To be fair these Custom Message Shortbread Cookies could really be for any occasion, but maybe you have a special client or project team that you want to thank this holiday season. This could be a unique touch!

Custom Message Shortbread Cookies

Congratulate a teammate for a promotion or your team with a job well done. There are so many possibilities to customize these vanilla shortbread cookies with the message of your choice.

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Pair the cookies with a cup of hot chocolate made with this Hot Cocoa Kit. Heat up some milk, drop a cube in the cup, and stir. This is definitely something that will be a welcome gift.

Hot Cocoa Kit

This giftable set includes two delicious flavors: classic cocoa and white chocolate, plus a peppermint topping. All you have to do is drop one (or two, if you’re feeling decadent) of these ingenious cubes into a mug of hot milk, and voilà! You’ve got yourself an instant cup of gourmet hot cocoa.

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Celebrate the season with a Craft Gin Club gift box. This is a perfect gift for a manager or to thank someone for a job well done. Each month features a different gin along with mixers, garnishes, and paired treats.

Craft Gin Club Gift Boxes

What's in the box?

  • Full-size bottle of craft gin
  • Tonics and garnish for the Perfect G&T
  • Cocktail of the Month ingredients
  • Sweet and savoury treats
  • 56-Page glossy club magazine
  • Plus, free delivery across the UK
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Or you could make your gin with this Gin Making Kit. It includes everything that you need to make three bottles of infused gin (just add your own vodka).


A jumper for my morning coffee cup. It’s what all the best dressed coffee cups are wearing. I used to have a handmade coffee cozy but I’ve lost it. Personally, I’d like a ball of yarn so I can make another one but you can buy them on Etsy.

Bring a little zen into your day with this finger tracing Meditation Mug. Handmade in Wisconsin, each one is unique. Plus it holds 16 ounces of coffee or tea when you need a little pick-me-up added to your day.

Meditation Mug

Trace your finger along the path that winds around the handmade cup’s stoneware surface. Labyrinths in this coiling shape have been used for centuries as a form of meditation, and this one can serve as a spiritual pick-me-up any time during the day.

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These Phenomenal Woman wine glasses are perfect for the women project managers in your life. They are beautifully designed with the words of Maya Angelou’s poem of the same name wrapped around the glass. Get a pair to gift and a pair to keep!

Phenomenal Woman Wine Glasses

This pair of stemless wine glasses features the complete text of Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman,” with the verses and the gold-lettered title flowing continuously from one piece to the next. Celebrating the innate beauty, strength, and spirit of all women, Angelou’s joyful words are a daily reminder that you are amazing. 

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Office Gifts

I don’t know about you, but my house is overrun with cables but you can never find a charging block when you need one. It would be nice to have a collapsible plug that does not have prongs that stick out, making it more compact to pack when you have to go into the office or coworking space. I found this one and while it would be really handy for charging USB devices, it doesn’t deal with “ordinary” power requirements for a laptop.

USB Charger

Slick USB charger, perfect for work-from-home gadget charging.

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A small flat square makeup bag. I like this one. Too often small cosmetic bags are structured (for example, triangular) which means they don’t fit well in a laptop case that is laptop shaped, and only fits flat things.

Personally, I’d like another set of makeup for my workplace so I don’t have to carry it around and then find I’m at home without mascara (this is the brand I use, in case you were wondering) as it is in my desk drawer.

Make-up bag

Flat make-up bag that would slot inside a work bag or laptop case.

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03/25/2023 02:20 pm GMT

Maybe there’s someone more analog on your team or with a passion for the tangible feel of paper. I came across this collection of planners and journals that could be the right fit.

Diaries & Planners
From £4.00

Check out the wide selection of diaries and planners for next year available at Paperchase.

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With more people splitting their time between a home office and going into an office, having a great way to carry your laptop, accessories, water bottle, and snacks is an absolute must. This laptop backpack checks all of the boxes on your gift list.

Pro Slim Jr Laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack offers extreme organization with pockets galore to hold each and every item. The interior includes a padded laptop compartment and a separate fleece-lined tablet pocket while the exterior boasts a structured pocket on the bottom of the bag perfect for cords, chargers, cables, etc.

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And if you are still stuck for ideas, how about a set of Essential Project Documents Bundle or a project management mentoring session with me?

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  1. These are great gift ideas for any project manager. I would ask for additional resources on a project I’m working on so that I can manage time more efficiently. We are in the process of implementing a new solution at our office so that’s all I really needed for Christmas. Best gift a project manager could ask for.

    1. You know, I never thought about asking for more time or another pair of hands. Guess that says a lot about me! Good suggestions though. I would add to that: for it not to snow too heavily over the winter. Last year a couple of our projects were severely impacted by the snow.

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