Customer-Centric Project Management

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Customer-Centric Project Management
Routledge, 2012
ISBN 978-1409443124

Customer-centric project managementThere has been a sea-change in the focus of organisations, private or public  away from a traditional product- or service-centricity towards customer-centricity. Projects are just as much a part of that change.

Projects must deliver value; projects must involve stakeholders, and Elizabeth Harrin and Phil Peplow demonstrate convincingly that stakeholders are the ones who get to decide what ‘value’ actually means.

Customer-Centric Project Management is a short guide explaining what customer-centricity means for how you work and its importance for project performance. Using tools and processes to guide customer-centric thinking they will help you see the results of engagement and demonstrate how things can improve, even on difficult projects.

The book is a straightforward implementation guide to moving your own business to a customer-centric way of working, using a model called Exceed. It provides structure and guidance for ensuring that customer-centricity is sustainable and supported in the organisation.

It’s a highly practical but rigorous and well-researched text. It draws on established models and uses the example of project implementation in a healthcare environment to demonstrate the impact of this significant way of thinking about value.

Adopting a customer-centric mindset and using the Exceed process to measure and monitor customer satisfaction will help you move towards working with happier, more engaged stakeholders.

What People Are Saying About Customer-Centric Project Management

‘Exceed allowed us to achieve fantastic results in terms of customer satisfaction. It enabled us to channel our energies into precisely what our customers were looking for – a consistently excellent service.’

Neil Harrison, CEO, Travelex

‘I utilise the Exceed document to educate and continually improve the Agfa Service desk, remote and field personnel alike. It is a very useful tool to directly measure end user satisfaction whilst plotting discernible improvement and feeding back to my teams and upper Agfa management.’

Rob Harwood, Service Delivery Manager, Agfa Healthcare

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This article contains affiliate links.