Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

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Collaboration Tools for Project Managers: How To Choose, Get Started and Collaborate With Technology
Project Management Institute, 2016
ISBN 978-1628251135

Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

It’s time for project teams to explore how online collaboration tools can help them to communicate faster, work virtually with people across the globe, and get better business results.

Today’s project leaders face the challenge of managing projects effectively using tested and reliable methods, while also trying out the new methods preferred by some global and technology-savvy team members and stakeholders.

Information travels faster than ever before. Project managers are called upon to produce relevant and up-to-date project information, increase productivity, and deliver results through top-notch communication tools.

Social media and online communication tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have rapidly changed our world outside of the workplace. These platforms and other tools—such as wikis, instant messaging, and big data repositories—offer exciting possibilities to improve project team collaboration and stakeholder communication in the workplace as well.

Since project managers rely on communication and effective team management skills, they need to keep up with the fast pace of change, technological trends, and the latest business drivers that help move organizations forward.

In Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, Elizabeth Harrin builds upon her 2010 book, Social Media for Project Managers, by providing the latest information, success stories, and an easy-to-follow guide to implementing online collaboration tools and helping to overcome obstacles.

What People Are Saying About Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

“It is essential for many professional project managers to evolve and adopt new ways of working to stay productive. However, the collaboration technology landscape may seem like a minefield. It’s under constant development. Elizabeth Harrin has taken advantage of her extensive experience in the field and pulled together a great approach, set of explanations, tips, and examples on how collaboration tools can be used to get things done. It provides an excellent introduction as well as practical guidance for all project managers who are looking to navigate and improve team performance within their business.”

Maria Nordborg, Director of Customer Experience for ProjectPlace, at Planview

“The right project management software can make a huge difference to the success of project teams by helping the team collaborate and thrive. Yet we know companies find it hard to break away from their historical toolsets and embrace online and collaborative tools. This book makes it easy. It’s a step by step guide to choosing a product that’s going to work for you and your team, with advice on setting it up, increasing adoption and making decisions that support collaborative working across teams. Whether you’re deciding on an online tool for the first time or want to move to a new one, this book will ensure you boost productivity and get the most from any new social tools.”

Liz Pearce, CEO LiquidPlanner

As project managers, we can no longer just manage our project details; schedule, budget, quality, scope. Yes, they do need to be managed, but it is becoming much more than that. One must, as Elizabeth says “create collaborative environments where people can do their best work….”  That environment will not only make the project manager more effective, but will make the project more successful, something we all strive for. In her book, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, Elizabeth does just that; help the project manager use all the collaborative tools available. She defines the tools, provides the reasoning behind their effectiveness, and how to use them for their maximum value. Elizabeth also provides a roadmap to a myriad of resources as well as inviting the reader into the conversation. This book is a must read for all project managers who want to be more effective, and I believe that is what we all want.

David Shirley, PMP, author, educator, and 2011 Cleland Project Management Literature Award Winner

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