Welcome to 2009: Year of the Office Goddess

This year I thought I’d have a theme running through my blog. Each month there will be a post about a different subject relating to how to be an office goddess.

So, if Nigella is the epitome of a domestic goddess, what makes an office goddess? Let me start by explaining what it’s not.

Being an OG is not about the salary you earn or the job you do. It’s not about having a jet-set life or buying your breakfast in Starbucks every day. It’s not about baking cookies for your team, or fresh flowers or translating any other Nigella-style home-making tips to the workplace.

It’s not about what you wear. OK, so it is partly about what you wear. No one is going to take you seriously if you turn up to work wearing a sack and holes in your shoes. But it’s not about wearing Prada and having an LV bag. More on that in March.

Being an office goddess is about being excellent at what you do. It’s about making everything look effortless. An office goddess is the go-to girl who knows her sphere inside out, and if she doesn’t have the answer to hand she knows where to find it.

An office goddess is fluster-free, calm intelligent, professional and motivated. She wants to get on, but not at the expense of others. An office goddess makes a great impression on her colleagues, but without being chained to her desk 20 hours a day or being a doormat. Or sleeping with the boss. That should go without saying, but I’ll say it just in case you were getting the wrong idea.

Being an office goddess is about getting great results at work without burning out or bursting into tears.

Does that sound like you?

Yes? Drop me an email and tell me your tips for becoming an office goddess!
No? Then stay tuned this year, and make 2009 the year you become an office goddess.

We kick off next month with some insights into personal branding from Adam Morgan, a world expert on branding and author of The Pirate Inside.

Don’t worry guys, each month I’ll also be bringing you the normal project management news and insights too, starting with the December/January Carnival of Project Management which will be here on Wednesday.


  1. Strongly recommended:
    1. Buy cakes and treats for the team to raise moral as well as praise

    2. Tell people clearly when they have done well

    3. Assume self deprecating humour

    4. Remeber to make a round of tea occasionally

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