Haiku on the Subject of Email

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Today is World Poetry Day.

And in honor of the event, the wonderful Robert Prol has once again allowed me to share some of his great haiku with you. (You can read some of his other poems here and here, and buy his book (affiliate link) Haiku for Project Managers.


"I planned my whole day.  It was to be productive.  Then I checked email."

I planned my whole day

It was to be productive

Then I checked email

"I sent five emails.  No one responded to me.  I will send five more."

I sent five emails

No one responded to me

I will send five more

"You’re not effective.  With countless unread email.  Learn how to triage"

You’re not effective

With countless unread email

Learn how to triage

All poems (c) Robert Prol.