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Debunking Agile

Debunking Agile

Agile is: Change friendly Iterative Collaborative Chunked delivery Communications focused Business focused Scope tolerant Quality focused (if you do it correctly!) These were the themes that set the tone for Keith Richards’ presentation at the APM Conference in London last month. “The basics of project management seem to have been thrown away with some Agile,”…

Why do projects fail?

There must be a good reason why all these projects fail. There is; in fact, there are many factors that contribute to project failure. The UK Office of Government Commerce did a study that shows the main reasons that projects fail are: lack of clear executive leadership (the ‘missing’ Sponsor) poor processes for identifying and…

Estimating part 2

Now my brain is less fuddled due to not being in the heat quite so much, I can explain my theory on estimating project tasks. Start with the basics. What needs to happen? How long will each task take? The answers to these questions will allow you to pull together a timeline. Try to use…

What is OTOBOS?

OTOBOS is On Time, On Budget, On Scope. This definition of what makes a project successful misses out quality, happy stakeholders and a whole host of stuff, but it’s a good starting point. If you can deliver OTOBOS, chances are that you are doing something right.